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Running Your Own Profitable Webinars

How to run your own webinars ..that is the question. First, you have to put together a compelling presentation that causes your prospective customers to take action. You see, it’s not enough to educate your audience. You can be the most beloved “teacher” on the Internet and still not grow your online or offline business through webinars. You have to walk the fine line of giving really great content as well as asking them to DO SOMETHING at the end of your webinar. That can be visiting […]

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Get Rid of Those Pre-Webinar Blues

All stressed out for the next webinar for a new product launch? Relax. You just need a few tricks to get your work done without the tension that a frazzled wedding planner undergoes. 101 Details To Look Into If preparing for a big event is not your specialty, you have to prepare yourself for the big picture. The big picture includes thousands of minute details you never thought are essential to a successful seminar, or webinar, in this case. The moment the product goes into the drawing […]

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Collaborating During a Webinar

If you have to collaborate with a co-worker during a webinar, you should plan in advance how you would like to conduct the presentation during the meeting. Web conferencing is a great way to involve different members of a company that live in different locations. You should talk with your co-worker prior to the web meeting to discuss specifics including the topics that will be discussed, who will go first, and which materials you will need to email to participants in advance. A collaboration tool that keeps […]

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