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Video Streaming New Products Webinar

If you are a vendor of goods that are routinely sold through online stores you may be an especially good candidate for video streaming. You may use a phone conferencing system where multiple clients can converse with you about a new product. These types of services continue to be useful. However, a new generation of savvy vendors are finding a greater value in video streaming webinars. Imagine a growing company with several hundred vendors or affiliates. This company has several new products they are ready to make […]

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More Benefits of Webinar

If you know and love Go to Meeting, an online platform for meetings, you will love Go to Webinar. Go to Webinar is a similar web-based format for online seminars; you can have up to 1,000 people attend your seminar or meeting at once and if you don’t have that many attendees you can always just use Go to Meeting. The features of the two are similar, and Go to Meeting is included in the Go to Webinar package, to handle the times when the employee load […]

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Collaborating During a Webinar

If you have to collaborate with a co-worker during a webinar, you should plan in advance how you would like to conduct the presentation during the meeting. Web conferencing is a great way to involve different members of a company that live in different locations. You should talk with your co-worker prior to the web meeting to discuss specifics including the topics that will be discussed, who will go first, and which materials you will need to email to participants in advance. A collaboration tool that keeps […]

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